A Colder Battery Will Enter Safe Mode Sooner

- May 31, 2018-

When riding with a cold battery, riders will encounter shorter runs times, and the bike will enter Safe Mode earlier. Safe Mode is entered when the battery reaches a certain lower voltage and over rides the capacity gauge.

If you find the bike going into Safe Mode on colder days, try riding in ECO Mode, which has a lower drain on battery and this will keep the voltage higher and keep the bike form entering Safe Mode.  Limiting acceleration and keeping the bike out of Boost Mode will also keep the bike out of Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Indication

Safe Mode has been entered when the Red LED on the headlight begins to flash. The power of the bike is reduced to less than 200 watts. Run Time in Safe Mode will vary from 2-10 minutes. Exact run time will depend on battery temperature and how old the battery is.

Reset From Safe Mode

If the bike does enter Safe Mode, early in cold riding, it can be reset by turning the bike Power Switch to off, waiting 10 seconds, and then turning  bike back on. Then ride the bike in ECO Mode and allow the battery to warm up.