About aqueous battery

- Aug 10, 2019-

On March 13, 2013, the latest issue of Nature magazine "Sci. Report" published a heavy research result of Wu Yuping, a professor at Fudan University. This latest study on lithium-ion battery systems can increase the performance of lithium batteries by 80%. Electricity

The car can be driven for 400 kilometers in just 10 seconds. This battery is low in cost and safe to explode.

On the 13th, Wu Yuping's research team showed the reporter a lithium battery system. A thin piece of metallic lithium is tightly wrapped by a special composite film, placed in a neutral pH aqueous solution, and assembled with a conventional positive electrode material spinel lithium manganate in a lithium ion battery. The new lithium-ion battery with a charging voltage of 4.2V and a discharge voltage of 4.0V greatly broke the theoretical decomposition voltage of the aqueous solution by 1.23V.

The results of Wu Yuping's research group have made it possible to develop new low-cost, easy-to-mass, safe and environmentally friendly battery systems. It is said that the new type of water lithium battery uses an aqueous solution as an electrolyte, which enhances the flame retardancy, makes the battery less prone to heat and heat during use, and has high safety performance. The composite film made of polymer materials and inorganic materials can deplete the energy of the battery. Drop below 5%.

It is estimated that if this battery is used in a mobile phone, the same size battery can at least double the talk time of the mobile phone, and the cost is less than half of the original; the same is true for the car, and the pollution caused by the environment is also better than the existing lithium. The battery is much smaller.

Wu Yuping said that the US Energy Research Institute has "targeted" this research and hopes to reach a cooperation intention with him. But he also hopes to cooperate with forward-looking companies in China. He said, "The new type of lithium-ion battery can be applied to all sides in life. I hope that the breakthrough of water and lithium battery will finally enable consumers to be safe and secure, accept the cost, and solve the current global electric vehicle industry."