About large capacity battery

- Aug 05, 2019-

Improve control sensitivity, select more sensitive control parameters, and combine control with multiple parameters (this is especially important for high-capacity batteries). For large-capacity lithium-ion battery packs, it is composed of multiple cells in series/parallel. For example, the voltage of a notebook computer is 10V or more, and the capacity is large. Generally, 3 to 4 single cells can be connected in series to meet the voltage requirement, and then 2 ~3 series battery packs are connected in parallel to ensure a large capacity.

The large-capacity battery pack itself must have a relatively complete protection function. Two circuit board modules should also be considered: the Protection Board PCB module and the Smart Battery Gauge Board module. The complete battery protection design includes: level 1 protection IC (to prevent battery overcharge, over discharge, short circuit), level 2 protection IC (to prevent the second overvoltage), fuses, LED indications, temperature adjustment and other components.