About lithium primary battery

- Aug 02, 2019-

manganese dioxide

The metal lithium is used as the negative electrode, the heat-treated manganese dioxide is used as the positive electrode, the separator is made of PP or PE film, the cylindrical battery is the same as the lithium ion battery separator, and the electrolyte is the organic solution of lithium perchlorate, cylindrical or button type. . The battery needs to be produced in a dry environment with a humidity of ≤ 1%.

Features: low self-discharge rate, annual self-discharge can be ≤ 1%, fully sealed (metal welding, lazer seal) battery can meet 10 years of life, semi-sealed battery is generally 5 years, if the work control is not good, it can not reach This life. In the development of cylindrical lithium manganese battery, Yiwei has achieved a good automation, and the battery can be short-circuited, over-discharged, etc.

Generally, on the motherboard of a desktop computer, there is a button-type lithium battery that provides a weak current, which can be used normally for about 3 years. Some hotel access control cards, instruments, etc. also use lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, and the usage is yearly. decline.

Thionyl chloride

The metal lithium is used as the negative electrode, the positive electrode and the electrolyte are thionyl chloride (thionyl chloride), and the cylindrical battery is charged with a voltage of 3.6V, which is one of the most stable types of batteries, and is also the current unit volume. (mass) the highest capacity battery. Suitable for use on electronic equipment that cannot be maintained frequently, providing a fine current.

Other lithium batteries include lithium-sulfur ferrous batteries, lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries, and the like.