Battery pack installation

- Aug 20, 2019-

Small photovoltaic power generation system batteries should be installed as close as possible to solar cells and controllers; medium and large photovoltaic power generation systems, batteries should be placed in separate compartments such as controllers, inverters and AC power distribution cabinets. The installation location should ensure good ventilation, convenient drainage, high temperature protection, and the ambient temperature should be kept between 10~25 °C.

Insulation measures should be taken between the battery and the ground, and the board or other insulation should be placed to prevent the battery from being short-circuited and discharged. If the number of batteries is large, it can be installed on the battery-specific bracket, and the bracket should be grounded reliably.

When the battery is installed, measure the total voltage of the battery and the single voltage. The voltages of the single voltage should be equal. Identify the positive and negative poles during wiring to ensure the quality of the wiring.

The battery pole and the wiring must be in close contact, and a layer of Vaseline oil film is applied to the pole and the connection point to prevent corrosion and rust and cause poor contact.