Can a 12V rechargeable lithium battery be used in series?

- Aug 19, 2019-

No, because there is a lithium battery protection board inside, and the lithium battery protection board, the MOS tube can not be connected to the voltage after the series, and the charging voltage, a series will break the MOS, leading to the entire battery pack can not work .

The basic functions of the lithium battery protection board: First, the main technical parameters: 1. Overcharge protection voltage (depending on the battery material used by the other party or the customer's request) 2. Overcharge the actual battery voltage (according to the battery material used by the other party) And the requirements of the customer) 3. Overcurrent protection voltage (depending on customer requirements, if the customer does not require, use the company standard) 4. Over-discharge protection voltage (select the chip solution according to the customer's requirements) 5. Restore voltage 6. Self-consumption during normal operation 7. Standby self-consumption current (static working current) 8. Short-circuit protection time 9. Single-section overcharge voltage 10. Single-section over-discharge voltage