Can I bring a battery by plane

- Oct 19, 2019-

1. Passengers are not allowed to carry lithium batteries in their checked baggage. 2. Passengers can carry consumer electronic devices (watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium or lithium-ion batteries or batteries for personal use.

The backup battery must be individually protected against short circuits and can only be carried in hand luggage. In addition, each backup battery shall not exceed the following quantities: (1) For lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, the lithium content shall not exceed 2 g; (2) For lithium ion batteries, the equivalent total lithium content shall not exceed 8 g. 3, passengers can carry a lithium-ion battery with a total lithium content of 8 grams or more and no more than 25 grams. If the single protection is to prevent short circuit, it can be carried in hand luggage. The backup battery is limited to 2 per person.