Charge an electric bike battery using ‘Ultrafast Charging’

- Jun 21, 2018-

Electric bicycle batteries are best charged slowly, however some batteries and chargers support ‘Ultra Fast charging’.

Charging a Lithium-Ion battery too fast is hard on the battery, and it will reduce its life expectancy. In extreme cases, it can be a fire hazard. Using the charger that came with your eBike is the safest option and will maximize the life of your battery.

Where possible, charge at a moderate rate. Ultra-fast charging always causes battery stress.

With Ultra Fast charging it is important to note that :

  • *Your battery should be a type suitable for ultra-fast charging.

  • *Check your the battery is in good condition as ultra-fast charging puts higher stresses on your battery .

  • *You should always use a charger that has the correct specifications to work with your battery.

  • *It is best to charge at moderate ambient temperatures. Do not use a fast charger when the battery is hot or cold.

  • *Avoid fast charging a damaged, aged or low-performing battery.

  • *Ultra-fast charging only applies during the first charge phase (up to 70% charge).

  • *If you are shopping for an ultrafast charger look for one which has a charge-time selector to allow a slower charge *when time allows. Selecting the slower charge option will help extend the life of your battery.