Charging and discharging currents affecting the factors of lithium batteries

- Aug 08, 2019-

Overcharge, overdischarge, and large charge and discharge currents

Avoid overcharging the battery. Any form of overcharging of the lithium-ion battery can cause serious damage to the battery performance and even explosion.

Avoid deep discharges below 2V or 2.5V as this will quickly and permanently damage the lithium-ion battery. Internal metal plating may occur, which can cause a short circuit and make the battery unusable or unsafe.

Most lithium-ion batteries have electronic circuitry inside the battery pack that disconnects the battery if the battery voltage drops below 2.5V, exceeds 4.3V during charging or discharging, or if the battery current exceeds a predetermined threshold.

Avoid large charging and discharging currents because large currents put excessive pressure on the battery.