Chemistry of lithium-ion battery

- Mar 07, 2018-

Lithium-ion battery is the name given to a class of rechargeable cells that use lithium inter-calation reaction in both electrodes;lithium ions reavel between the two electrodes in a so-called rocking chair framework.

  Among Li-ion cells,lithium polymer(LiPo) cells uise a polymer or gel electrolyte, while all other cells use a nonaqueous,liquid electrolyte.

  Many Li-ion chemistries are avaiable.They are usually named according to the composition of the cathode. They include:

 *LiCoO2:Standard lithium-cobalt-oxide;

 *LiMnNiCo: Lithium manganese-nickel cobalt;

 *LiFePO4 and Li2FePO4F:Nano-phophate/lithium-iron-phosphate/lithium-rro-phosphate;




 *LiNi02: Lithium-nickel-oxide;