Classification of square lithium ions

- Aug 09, 2019-

The square lithium-ion battery is the most common lithium battery in life. It has many models, and is widely used in MP3, MP4, mobile phones, and model airplanes.

The square lithium-ion battery is divided into a metal shell package (silver-white hard shell) and an aluminum-plastic shell package (gray-white soft shell, which can be scratched with nails). The metal shell is packaged with a lithium-ion battery or a liquid lithium battery, and the aluminum-plastic case The packaged lithium ion polymer battery (Lithium ion polymer battery). The chemical materials and electrochemical properties of the two batteries can be said to be similar, the main difference is that the lithium ion polymer battery uses some colloidal substances. Helps the battery plate to fit or absorb the electrolyte, reducing the amount of liquid electrolyte used, so that the battery package can be changed from a metal shell to an aluminum molded case.