Does the battery need to be activated

- Aug 05, 2019-

The answer is yes, need to activate! However, this process is done by the manufacturer, has nothing to do with the user, and the user has no ability to complete it. The real activation process of a lithium battery is as follows: the lithium ion battery case is filled with electrolyte - sealing - forming, that is, constant voltage charging, and then discharging, so that several cycles are performed, so that the electrode is fully immersed in the electrolyte to be fully activated until the capacity is reached. As required, this is the activation process - the volume, which means that the lithium-ion battery has been activated to the user after leaving the factory. In addition, some of the battery activation processes require the battery to be in an open state. After activation, it will be sealed. Unless you have a battery production device, how can it be done?