Don’t Push Too Hard

- Oct 26, 2018-

If you’re really keen on keeping your battery in tip top shape, don’t push your bike too hard.

An ebike motor that’s working hard demands lots of juice!

Your battery will be sucked dry in no time if you’re always pumping it at full speed!

Discharging your battery more often leads to charging it more often!

Who knew!

But this also means you’re stressing out the battery more often with constant discharges and recharges.

(If you’re charging fully and discharging fully, you’re in for a bad battery life!)

So over time you’re using up more of the battery’s finite life span.

Compared to someone who uses their ebike at a more leisurely pace, they’ll be charging less.

Which means over the same period of time, your battery will hold less of a charge than theirs does.

So keep that in the back of your mind when you’re screaming down the street at 30mph!

(Although I can’t pretend to be an angel here. I love screaming down the street at 30mph!)

Keep your pedal assist (or throttle!) use at the lowest you can comfortably use.

Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and smell the roses.