How is the battery capacity (mAh) calculated

- Sep 07, 2019-

1. Calculation method of battery capacity (C): Capacity C = discharge battery (constant current) I × discharge time (hour) T

Conversely: Discharge time T = capacity C / discharge current (constant current) I

For example, if a battery is discharged with a constant current of 500MA (mA) for 2 hours, then the capacity of this battery is equal to 500MA*2H=1000MAH=1AH. If a battery is discharged for 2 hours with a current of 5 amps, then the battery The capacity is 10AH

2. What is the voltage difference between the full battery and the battery? In fact, this is related to the type and type of battery. Different types of batteries are different. For example, lithium batteries for mobile phones, rated voltage 3.6, minimum voltage 3V, lead-acid battery single-cell rated voltage is 2V, minimum power is 1.75V. If the 12V lead-acid battery is rated at 12V, the minimum is 10.5V.