How long does it take for a lithium battery to be recharged

- Oct 18, 2019-

In theory, the battery that is not used will drop by 5% per week, but there is no specific time, because the long-term retirement of lithium batteries depends on the use, brand type, composition, and even the environment. of.

After the lithium battery is used up, if it is not charged, it will be over-discharged due to self-discharge during the placement process. After half a year to one year, the lithium battery will become inactive and become extremely unsatisfactory and close to scrap.

Lithium batteries are generally strictly prohibited from being over-discharged and over-charged. Low-voltage over-discharge or self-discharge reactions may cause decomposition and destruction of lithium-ion active substances, and may not be restored. Any form of over-charging may cause serious damage to battery performance, even explosion.