How long does it take for an electric car lithium battery to charge

- Oct 29, 2019-

1. The newly purchased electric vehicle battery is new, the capacity is also large, the charging will take a long time, and it will reach more than 10 hours. It will be faster and faster in the future, and will be reduced to 6 hours in about 2 months. After that, it will last for about half a year, and the battery capacity will continue to decay. It can be filled in 3-4 hours after one year. Of course, the battery should be replaced or need maintenance.

2. Now electric vehicle chargers are three-stage charging, which are divided into constant voltage stage, constant current stage and turbulent stage. The first two stages are the main stages of charging. After the battery is fully charged, the lamp will turn green and enter the turbulent phase. Protect the battery. Do not unplug the power supply. Continue charging for 1-2 hours, which can effectively increase battery life, but after turning green Do not exceed 8 hours.