How many kilometers can a lithium electric vehicle drive on a single charge

- Sep 11, 2019-

Lithium battery is one of the new batteries that will gradually replace lead-acid batteries after the development of low environmental pollution.

Lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery has a relatively large power capacity, and the battery of the same capacity in the volume and weight comparison, lithium battery has a very obvious advantage ~

At present, the lithium battery has a complicated process due to cost, and the manufacturing cost is relatively high. Therefore, the lithium battery of the same capacity is much more expensive than the lead acid battery.

Now lithium battery feels better than lead-acid batteries, and it is repeatedly charged in battery performance attenuation, lithium battery also has a clear advantage, basically this is also unmatched by lead-acid batteries~

How many kilometers can you ride mainly depends on the power of your motor and the capacity of the battery?

The farther the battery is, the farther it is to ride the battery~

In practice, a new lead-acid battery with a capacity of 12AH can be used to ride around 25 kilometers; a lithium battery can reach about 30 kilometers (a traffic light with less traffic lights and a flat cement kilometer or a new asphalt road)