How to assemble a large-capacity battery with a small-capacity lithium battery

- Aug 26, 2019-

The same capacity of the battery, the series is to increase the voltage, parallel is to increase the capacity, the need for 11Ah capacity requires 20 550mAh parallel, 3.7V 11Ah battery; standard 3.7V lithium battery, full voltage is about 4.2V, 3 components voltage 11.1V Between ~12.6V, that is, 12V voltage; that is, three 3.7V 11Ah batteries can be connected in series to form a large battery of 12V 11Ah. However, it is preferable to have such a battery pack composed of small batteries to have a battery management unit (BMS) to balance the charging and discharging of the respective constituent batteries, so that it is safer.