How to identify the battery first step

- Aug 01, 2019-

1 Compare the size of the battery capacity. The general nickel-cadmium battery is 500mAh or 600mAh, and the hydrogen-nickel battery is only 800-900mAh. The capacity of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so the time for the lithium battery to be fully charged is about the hydrogen-nickel battery. 1.5 times, about 3.0 times that of cadmium-nickel batteries. If you find that the working hours of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery block you purchased are not advertised or as long as specified in the manual, it may be counterfeit.

2 Look at the plastic surface and plastic material. Authentic battery wear surface is uniform, using PC material, no brittle phenomenon; counterfeit battery without anti-wear surface or too rough, using recycled material, easy to crack.

3 Measure the charging voltage of the battery block. If a lithium-ion mobile phone battery block is faked with a cadmium-nickel or a nickel-hydrogen battery block, it must be composed of five single-cell batteries. The charging voltage of a single battery generally does not exceed 1.55V, and the total voltage of the battery block does not exceed 7.75V. When the total charging voltage is lower than 8.0V, it may be a nickel-cadmium or a nickel-hydrogen battery.