How to identify the battery summary

- Aug 02, 2019-

If you look closely, you may also find the name of the manufacturer. For example, for Motorola batteries, its anti-counterfeiting trademark is diamond-shaped, and it can be flashed with stereoscopic effect from any angle, while Motorola, Original and printing are clear, it is genuine. On the contrary, once the color is dim, the stereoscopic effect is insufficient, and the words are vague, it may be a fake.

With special tools. Faced with more and more types of mobile phone batteries in the market, and counterfeit technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, some large companies are constantly improving anti-counterfeiting technology, such as the new Nokia mobile phone battery, which has a special logo on the logo. The treatment needs to be identified by a special prism, which is only available from Nokia. Therefore, with the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for us to recognize the true and false from the appearance.