How to identify the second step of the battery

- Aug 01, 2019-

4 For the original battery, its battery surface color texture is clear, uniform, clean, no obvious scratches and damage; battery mark should be printed with the battery model, type, rated capacity, standard voltage, positive and negative signs, manufacturer name. The hand should be smooth and non-blocking, suitable for tightness, good fit with the hand, reliable lock; the metal piece has no obvious scratches and black and green. If the cell phone battery we purchased does not match the above phenomenon, it can be preliminarily determined to be a fake.

5 Many mobile phone manufacturers have also made efforts to improve the level of craftsmanship to improve the difficulty of fraud in mobile phones and their accessories, thereby further curbing the phenomenon of counterfeit goods. Generally, regular mobile phone products and their accessories must be consistent in appearance. Therefore, if we put the purchased mobile phone battery, should we carefully compare the fuselage and the battery bottom case? Color, if the color is dark and consistent, it is the original battery. Otherwise, the battery itself is dull and dull, and it may be a fake battery.

6 Observe the abnormality of charging. Generally, the internal mobile phone battery should have an overcurrent protector. When the external short circuit causes excessive current, the circuit is automatically cut off to avoid burning or damage the mobile phone. The lithium ion battery also has an overcurrent protection circuit when using non-standard electrical appliances. When the AC current is too large, the power will be automatically cut off, resulting in no charge. When the battery is normal, it can automatically return to the conduction state. If, during the charging process, we find that the battery is seriously hot or smoke, or even explode, the battery is definitely fake.