How to maintain the lithium battery

- Mar 06, 2018-

  1. Charge new batteries. It's not necessary to charge over 12 hours when first used. 

  2. Use appropriate chargers.When choosing a charger, the original charger is the best choice. If that's unavailable, a high quality charger that has an overcharge protection function, or a brand name charger will do.

  3. Avoid frequently over charging.simply fully charging is good enough - overcharging will make your lithium battery into a little bomb if overcharge protection function is missing.

  4. Avoid touching metal contacts.  When carrying batteries around, do not let the contacts touch metal objects such as keys; this could cause a short circuit, damaging the battery or potentially resulting in a fire or an explosion.

  5. Avoid using often in high or low temperature environments.  If they're continually used in extreme temperature environments, this will negatively affect battery use time and useful cycles.

  6. Avoid long periods without using or recharging.If batteries will be left unused for 3 months or more, partially recharge them (to around 30-70% of capacity, depending on planned storage time), then store the device to prevent battery damage. You may need to take the device out of storage and charge again after a few months.

  7. Avoid using lithium ion batteries which are hot after being fully charged.