Is metal lithium battery and lithium ion battery saying something

- Oct 23, 2019-

Of course it is not the same thing. The main difference is that the lithium metal battery is a disposable battery, and the lithium ion battery is a rechargeable battery.

The metal lithium battery has the same principle as the ordinary dry battery. It uses metal lithium as an electrode to generate electric energy through corrosion or oxidation of metal lithium. When it is used up, it is discarded and cannot be charged;

Lithium-ion batteries generally use lithium cobalt oxide as the positive electrode and carbon as the negative electrode. The electrolyte is filled in the middle to form a channel for ion free, and the separator is used to separate the positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuit. When charging, lithium ions migrate from the lithium cobaltate due to the electric field, and pass through the pores in the separator in the electro-hydraulic solution, and reach the negative electrode and react with carbon to form lithium carbide; in contrast, the lithium ion returns to the positive electrode. It is the charging and discharging process of a lithium ion battery.