Is the gas toxic after the battery is burnt

- Oct 22, 2019-

The gas produced after the battery is burned is toxic.

the reason:

1. A chemical battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The main part includes the electrolyte solution and the positive and negative electrodes immersed in the solution. In use, the wires are connected to the two electrodes, that is, current is passed (discharged), thereby obtaining electrical energy. After the discharge reaches a certain level, the electric energy is weakened, and some can be recharged after being charged and restored. It is called a battery, such as a lead storage battery, an iron-nickel battery, etc., and some cannot be recharged, and is called a primary battery, such as a dry battery, Dan Nie Er. Batteries, fuel cells, etc.

2. Some batteries contain Hg [mercury]. This substance reacts with oxygen at high temperatures to produce Hgo [mercury vapor] which is toxic to humans. It should be noted that trace amounts of liquid mercury ingestion generally do not cause serious poisoning reactions, but mercury vapor and mercury salts (except for some very small solubility such as mercury sulfide) are highly toxic and can cause after oral, inhalation or contact. Brain and liver damage.