Is the lithium iron phosphate battery good in winter

- Aug 31, 2019-

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not easy to use in winter, and have lower temperature performance than lead-acid batteries.

1. Lithium iron phosphate has some performance defects, such as low tap density and compaction density, resulting in low energy density of lithium ion batteries. Low temperature performance is poor, even if it is nano-sized and carbon coated, it does not solve this problem.

Dr. Don Hillebrand, director of the Center for Energy Storage Systems at Argonne National Laboratory, spoke about the low-temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries. He used terrible to describe their lithium iron phosphate battery test results indicating that the lithium iron phosphate battery is at low temperatures. Under (below 0 °C), electric vehicles cannot be driven.

Although some manufacturers claim that the lithium iron phosphate battery has a good capacity retention rate at low temperatures, it is in the case of a small discharge current and a low discharge cut-off voltage. In this situation, the device simply cannot start working.

2. After years of development, lead-acid battery technology has made breakthroughs in energy, cycle life, high and low temperature adaptability. At present, China is gradually narrowing the gap with international leading technology, and has reached international level in some core technologies, and is increasingly entering the international market.