Is the soft lithium battery toxic

- Sep 09, 2019-

Soft lithium battery is toxic

The polymer lithium ion battery core adopts the packaging technology of aluminum-plastic composite film. When the inside of the battery core generates gas due to the occurrence of abnormal chemical reaction, the Pocket will be charged and the battery core will swell (slightly bulging and severe swelling). Case), and regardless of the appearance, the battery performance (Capacity, Cycle life, C-rate, etc.) will be severely disabled, resulting in the battery core not being used.

Flatulence can occur in the production process and in the hands of customers and even end users. Of course, the battery core will normally produce a certain amount (usually very small) of gas during the start-up or baking process, which varies depending on the raw materials used, and this gas is removed in the Degassing process.

At present, some Models (one-time packaged cell) eliminate the gas generated by the formation of the SEI layer and the stability of the phase interface by adding V18 solvent. However, the gas generated by the abnormal process is very obvious on the front surface of Degassing or can not be eliminated after Degassing or V18 can not be eliminated.