Lithium battery (3.7 volt small lithium battery) will explode if it takes a long time

- Sep 05, 2019-

An important cause of battery explosion is the short circuit of the battery (that is, there is no electrical appliance in the circuit where the battery is located, so that the current inside the battery is too large), and whether the battery is short-circuited or overcharged (the lithium battery explodes another An important incentive, that is, the battery charging voltage is higher than its set upper limit, will cause a large amount of heat and gas to accumulate inside the lithium battery in a short time (the lithium battery will generate gas when it works), so that in order to release the pressure, The lithium battery will either activate the internal pressure relief device. If the pressure is too high, it will directly crack the outer casing. In both cases, the internal material of the battery will directly contact the air, causing combustion, and in serious cases, it will explode. All in all, it is thermal runaway