Lithium battery needs to be activated

- Aug 10, 2019-

Lithium-ion battery should go through the following process before leaving the factory: Lithium-ion battery shell infusion of electrolyte - sealing - formation, is constant voltage charging, and then discharge, so that several cycles, so that the electrode fully wet the electrolyte, fully activated, The capacity is up to the requirement, this is the activation process - the capacity is to test the battery capacity to select different performance (capacity) of the battery to classify, divide the battery level, carry out capacity matching, etc. This way the lithium-ion battery to the user's hand It’s already activated.

The battery from the battery factory to the user's hand, this time is sometimes very long, short one month, long half year, this time, because the battery electrode material will be passivated, so the manufacturer recommends that the first use of the battery is best 3- 5 full charge and discharge processes to eliminate passivation of the electrode material to achieve maximum capacity