Precautions for extending lithium battery capacity and life

- Aug 08, 2019-

1 If you have used an external power supply to power your notebook for a long time, or if the battery power has exceeded 80%, remove the battery immediately. Usually, the battery does not need to be fully charged, and it can be charged to about 80%. Adjust the power option of the operating system to adjust the battery alarm to more than 20%. The battery level should be at least 20%.

2 For small electronic devices such as mobile phones, disconnect the power cord (including the USB port for charging function) immediately after charging. The connection will damage the battery. Always charge, but you don't have to fill the battery.

3 Whether it is for laptops or mobile phones, you must not let the battery run out (automatic shutdown).

4 If you want to travel, you can fully charge the battery, but charge the appliance whenever possible.

5 Use a smarter, more power-efficient operating system.