Recommended parameters and precautions for carbon coated aluminum foil

- Aug 01, 2019-

Recommended parameters

The corresponding coated active material D50 is preferably not more than 4 to 5 μm, the compaction density is not more than 2.25 g/cm, and the specific surface area is in the range of 13 to 18 m 2 /g.


Storage requirements: In the environment where the temperature is 20±5°C and the humidity is not more than 50%, the erosion of aluminum foil by air and water vapor should be avoided during transportation;

This product is divided into two types, A and B. The key characteristics of each product are: A is black in appearance, the thickness of conventional coating is 4~8μm on both sides, and the conductivity is more prominent. The appearance of B is light gray, conventional coating. The thickness is 2~3μm on both sides, the coating area can be welded in less layers, and the coating machine can recognize the jump gap;

B (grey) coated carbon foil can be directly ultrasonically welded in the coating area, only suitable for coiled battery welding tabs (up to 2-3 layers of pole pieces), but the ultrasonic power and time need to be fine-tuned;

The heat dissipation of the carbon layer is worse than that of the aluminum foil, so it is necessary to finely adjust the belt speed and the baking temperature when coating;

This product has a considerable improvement in the overall performance of lithium batteries and capacitors, but it can not be used as a major factor in changing the performance of a certain aspect of the battery, such as battery energy density, high and low temperature performance, high voltage and so on.