Special precautions when using a lithium battery

- Aug 07, 2019-

Since the lithium battery is a non-memory battery, it is recommended that the battery pack can be regularly charged or recharged after each or every day of riding, which will greatly increase the service life of the battery pack. It is not recommended to ride the battery pack every time until the battery pack is discharged. It is not recommended to discharge more than 90% of the battery pack capacity. When the undervoltage indicator on the electric vehicle is on when the electric vehicle is at rest, it needs to be charged in time.

When the electric vehicle starts up, goes up a steep slope, earth-rock road or strong wind, it is recommended that the customer use the pedal boost while riding, so that the battery and the motor have the longest life.

The battery pack capacity is measured at a normal temperature of 25 ° C. Therefore, in winter, the battery capacity and the slight decrease in driving range are considered normal. It is recommended to charge the battery pack in a place with a high ambient temperature during the winter to ensure that the battery pack is fully charged.

When the electric vehicle is not riding or parked, it is recommended that the customer unplug the battery pack and the electric vehicle, or turn off the power lock. Since the motor and controller will consume power under no-load conditions, avoid wasting power.