Stop Early And Often

- Oct 25, 2018-

A great way to stop your battery from ageing is to stop. Stop charging your battery all the way to 100%.

Lithium-ion batteries often come shipped at around 50-60% charge. Which is a safe percent to store the battery. This means your should charge your battery when you receive it.

For this charge, it is recommended to charge it to 100%. This should be left on charge for a while to ensure all battery cells are balanced.

However, this should be the only time you fully charge your battery.

Lithium-ion batteries like to be “sipped from the top”. Meaning that you should charge to about 80% capacity and then stop.

You should also not discharge your battery to less than about 20%.

Essentially this means it’s best to keep your battery charge between 20 and 80%.

You may have realised that this means you’re only using 60% of your total battery charge.

You would be correct in saying that.

So you might also be thinking, why would I want to only use 60% of my battery?

And the answer really boils down to: do you want to replace your battery more often and pay more in the long run?

If you’re reading this and haven’t bought a battery yet. Awesome!

Armed with this new information, that means that you’d be best to opt for a high capacity battery, so that you can easily do a roundtrip with 60% of the battery capacity.

Figure out how far you need to go using an average of 1km per 20Wh (0.62mi per 20Wh).

If your battery has 13Ah at 48V, you have 48 * 13 = 624Wh total in your battery.

60% of 624 is 374Wh.

374 / 20 = about 19km with 60% of your battery.

Calculate it for the battery you’re looking at, and think to yourself. Is this enough for a roundtrip?

Or alternatively, is it enough for one way assuming you can charge it at one end. (Work, home, etc.)