That 12v lithium battery is easy to use

- Sep 02, 2019-

The ATX12V 2.3 specification requires that the 12V output be divided into two channels from the rated power of 300W, so you can often see that many of the power supplies rated above 300W are dual-channel, and many high-power power supplies even divide 12V above 4 channels. The reason for this is actually to meet the electrical safety regulations of certain countries. Single and dual 12V power supplies have no obvious advantages and disadvantages in performance. Many players who know more about the power supply will choose a single 12V power supply. Because the current limit value of each of the two 12V channels is relatively low, the possibility of overcurrent protection is greater, and the current of a single 12V is often larger. The chances of occurrence are smaller. In fact, you don't have to entangle in that way, as long as the power supply's 12V combined output power can drive your accessories, the single-channel and dual-channel 12V can't feel the difference.