The aging speed of a lithium battery is determined by temperature and state of charge

- Aug 07, 2019-

Temperature charging 40% charging 100%

0°C 98% capacity after one year, 94% capacity after one year

25°C Capacity 96% after one year Capacity 80% after one year

40°C capacity 85% after one year, capacity 65% after one year

60°C Capacity 75% after one year Capacity 60% after 3 months

As can be seen from the figure, the high state of charge and increased temperature accelerate the decrease in battery capacity.

If possible, try to charge the battery to 40% in a cool place. This allows the battery's own protection circuit to operate for a long period of time. If the battery is placed at a high temperature after being fully charged, it will cause great damage to the battery. (So when we use a fixed power supply, the battery is fully charged at this time, the temperature is usually between 25-30 ° C, which will damage the battery, causing its capacity to drop).