The assembly process of lithium ion battery

- Jan 17, 2018-

Lithium-ion battery technology is very strict and complex, here can only briefly introduce some of the main processes.
First, pulping: with a special solvent and binder, respectively, and powder-like positive and negative polar active substances mixed, after high speed stirring evenly, made slurry-like positive and negative polar matter.
Second, the coating film: will be made of slurry evenly coated on the surface of metal foil, drying, made of positive and negative polar pieces respectively.
Third, the assembly: according to the positive plate-diaphragm-negative film-the sequence of the top down, the scroll around the support of the battery pole, and then injected into the electrolyte, sealing and other processes, that is, the completion of the battery assembly process, made of finished battery.
Four, into: the use of dedicated battery charging and discharging equipment to the finished battery charge and discharge test, for each battery is tested, screened out qualified finished battery, to the factory.