The battery is not used for a long time

- Sep 16, 2019-

1, the battery has been scrapped, can not be saved.

2. Once the lithium battery is activated, it must maintain a certain amount of power in the battery. If the power in the lithium battery is completely consumed, it will not be charged any more, and it will be scrapped.

3. When the lithium battery is used in various electrical appliances, although it indicates that the power is consumed, there is still a part of the remaining power, which is generally 5%-10%. This is a protective measure for lithium batteries, in order to prevent the battery from being completely used up. The rechargeable battery has a self-discharge phenomenon, and it will run slowly even if it is not used. Once the battery is completely drained, it will no longer be charged. It needs to be reactivated before it can be used. The activation process of the lithium battery needs to be completed in a special environment, and the ordinary charging is absolutely impossible to activate the lithium battery. Only the manufacturer of the rechargeable battery can complete the activation of the lithium battery, but the manufacturer will never activate an old battery, because the cost of activating an old battery is not lower than the production of a new battery.

3, only new batteries can be replaced.