The development of lithium batteries 3

- Jul 29, 2019-

On July 15, 2018, it was learned from the Keda Coal Chemistry Research Institute that a special carbon anode material for high-capacity high-density lithium batteries with pure carbon as the main component was introduced in the hospital. This lithium battery was prepared from a new material. It can achieve a cruising range of 600 kilometers. [1] 

In October 2018, Professor Liang Jiajie and Professor Chen Yongsheng of Nankai University cooperated with Lai Chao's research group of Jiangsu Normal University to successfully prepare a silver nanowire-graphene three-dimensional porous carrier with multi-stage structure, and supported metal lithium as a composite anode material. This carrier can inhibit the generation of lithium dendrites, thereby achieving ultra-high-speed charging of the battery, and is expected to greatly extend the "life" of the lithium battery. The research results are published in the latest issue of Advanced Materials.