The finished single-cell lithium battery can be directly connected in series to form a large-capacity battery pack.

- Aug 28, 2019-

The battery pack was originally designed to do this, so it is definitely no problem.

But the key to the problem is the matching problem.

Two common sense in the industry:

No matter how the battery pack is paired, it will not improve the performance of a single battery cell in the group, but the performance of a single battery core has a great impact on the performance of the battery pack.

The optimal combination of battery packs is consistent with all cell characteristics in the battery pack.

So you see that it is not so easy to assemble the battery pack. The batteries that you bought can't guarantee good consistency (the parameters involved are quite large), and the assembly process is difficult to ensure consistency, so basically The assembled products are defective products with poor performance. Even if you buy high-quality batteries, this is the case.