Tips for buying lithium batteries

- Jan 17, 2018-

1. There is no clear indication of capacity. Batteries with no clearly marked capacity (such as 1000mAh or 1000 ma hours) are likely to use inferior or recycled batteries. The market is flooded with many cheap batteries, is the use of recycled batteries heart to do, although the price is cheap, but short life, quality instability, the use of inadvertently may damage the phone.

2. There is no guarantee of standby time. Standby time is the continuous use of the battery into the phone after the next charge. In general, the battery sold on the market can not guarantee the standby time, because the battery quality is not stable relationship, many cheap batteries because of the use of poor quality battery heart, so standby time is very short.

3. Whether to install Safety protection circuit board. Without protection circuit board, the lithium battery has the danger of deformation, leakage and explosion. In the vicious price competition, the search for lower-priced protection circuit board, or omitted the device, making the market is full of explosion-dangerous lithium batteries, consumers can not distinguish from the appearance of the protection of the circuit board, so it is best to choose reputable merchants to buy.