Used batteries, recycling what is the use

- Sep 19, 2019-

Has the following effects:

Zinc-plated grain: The battery contains iron, zinc, manganese, and other substances. The plastic paper of the skin is peeled off, and then the zinc shell is peeled off, put into a cast iron pan, heated and melted and kept for 2 hours to remove the upper dross. Pour out the cooling, drop on the iron plate, and obtain the zinc particles after solidification.

Reuse of secondary batteries: By using the reversibility of chemical reactions, a new battery can be built, that is, when a chemical reaction is converted into electrical energy, electrical energy can be used to repair the chemical system, and then converted into electrical energy by chemical reaction. Generally it is a rechargeable battery.

Manganese-iron alloy: The old battery is ground and sent to the furnace for heating. At this time, the volatilized mercury can be extracted. When the temperature is higher, the zinc also evaporates. It is also a precious metal. When iron and manganese are fused, it becomes required for steel making. Ferromanganese alloy.