What are the important components of a lithium battery

- Sep 09, 2019-

Battery and battery are two different concepts

For most regular lithium batteries, such as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, is the cell + protection board and the outer casing or outer skin, this is a complete lithium battery, the role of the battery is to save electricity, needless to say The role of the protection board is mainly to protect the battery from "extinguishing (overcharge)" "tired (over-discharge)" and "playing dead (short circuit)" to extend the life and safety of the battery.

The battery is smashed. In addition to the protection board (circuit) is the battery core. The battery core of the mobile phone battery is generally an aluminum-shell lithium-ion battery core, and also has a lithium polymer battery core; notebooks generally use 18650 lithium-ion batteries, mostly There are also other batteries. The ordinary card camera battery is similar to the mobile phone. It is also a flat-panel lithium-ion battery. The SLR and other large cameras have different types of cylindrical lithium batteries.