What is the cause of the explosion of lithium batteries

- Jul 30, 2019-

1. Internal polarization is large;

2. The pole piece absorbs water and reacts with the electrolyte to form an air drum;

3. The quality and performance of the electrolyte itself;

4. The amount of liquid injection during the injection is not up to the process requirements;

5. The laser welding sealing performance is poor in the assembly process, and the air leakage is detected when the air leakage is detected;

6, dust, pole dust is easy to lead to micro short circuit;

7. The positive and negative electrode sheets are thicker than the process range, and it is difficult to enter the shell;

8, the problem of liquid injection sealing, steel ball sealing performance is not good, resulting in air drum;

9. The shell material has a thick shell wall, and the shell deformation affects the thickness;

10. The high ambient temperature outside is also the main cause of the explosion.