What should I do with used batteries

- Sep 17, 2019-

1. For common dry batteries, please disperse them directly into the official garbage bin, and do not collect them centrally (refer to qualified alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries).

2. For batteries with high levels of harmful substances, including carbon-zinc batteries (cheap dry batteries before 2005), most button batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries (old-fashioned rechargeable batteries).

(1) If there are waste battery recycling agencies nearby, please hand them to them (such as some community neighborhood committees, university environmental protection associations, etc.).

(2) If there are no waste battery recycling agencies (such as most cities and villages) nearby, and the number of batteries is relatively large, you can contact the local environmental protection bureau or mail to other city recycling agencies. For example, Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Erqing Branch (including address, telephone) will collect 30 kilograms of used batteries for free.

(3) If there is no waste battery recycling mechanism nearby and the number of batteries is small, please seal them and keep them until you find the recycling agency.

3. In particular, if you have collected a large number of dry batteries, please sort them first and then follow the above suggestions. Neither should all types of used batteries be handed over to the environmental protection department (“In the absence of efficient economic and economic recovery, the government does not encourage the centralized collection of waste disposable batteries that have reached the national low- or mercury-free requirements”), nor can they blindly Discard any type of dry battery directly (some types of polluted environment are harmful to health).