Which of the 5th and 7th batteries is bigger

- Sep 10, 2019-

The No. 5 battery is a little larger, and the most obvious feature is the size of the battery. The No. 5 battery is larger than the No. 7 battery.

The size of the 7th battery is smaller than that of the 5th battery. It is often used in remote control devices where the volume is limited but the power consumption is not too large. The flashlight is also used, but most of them are combined in multiple sections. The 7th battery has a diameter of about 1 cm and a length of about 4.4 cm.

The AA battery is also called the 5th battery. The electric shaver, electronic toys, digital equipment, etc. are the most used. Many AA-type rechargeable batteries are also used for battery packs, especially the 4.8V rechargeable four-section combination on the toy. Used the most. The No. 5 battery has a diameter of about 1.4 cm and a length of about 4.9 cm.

The diameter of the 5th battery is mostly between 14mm and 14.5mm. On this basis, each battery manufacturer will have an error value of ±0.2mm. In addition, the height: the size of the 5th battery of the flat head and the wearing (positive) cap respectively. The standard flat head (without positive cap) has a battery height of 49mm to 50mm. Each battery manufacturer allows an error of ±0.5mm. If a positive cap is added, a height of 0.5mm should be added.