Why is the mobile phone battery not durable after it has been used for a long time

- Oct 28, 2019-

1. The phone is charged all night. When the lithium battery is fully charged, the mobile phone will turn on the automatic protection measures, but in order to maintain 100% power, the mobile phone will automatically charge slowly, so that the battery will remain in a high-voltage, high-strength state, resulting in loss of battery capacity, over time. The capacity of the battery will become smaller.

2. Use the computer's USB interface to charge. This is one of the charging methods that office workers often use. As everyone knows, this method is very harmful to the mobile phone battery. The current of the computer USB interface is very unstable, and it will be weak and weak with the use of the computer, which will damage the battery board of the mobile phone and shorten the service life of the mobile phone battery.