- Aug 27, 2018-

Of all the battery chemistry suitable for use in small electronic and electrical devices, lithium batteries have the best power capacity for a given weight. Compared to the previous nickel-cadmium battery technology, you can get nearly twice as much energy for the same battery weight.

This is especially important for electric vehicles, since heavy batteries have a severe negative effect on the power-to-weight ratio. The rise of lithium batteries is what has made the electric car a practical prospect.

Apart from their high power density, lithium batteries also charge much more quickly than other mobile battery technologies. Also, while they still degrade with each recharge, they last for many more cycles than older battery technology.

Researchers also have many promising methods that may one day increase the capacity of lithium batteries, reduce the degradation, and allow them to be charged much more quickly still.

It’s because of these general advantages that lithium ion batteries have essentially taken over as mainstream battery technology.