36v 10ah Lithium Battery For Electric Bike

36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike High Energy Density. High Output Voltage. Excellent Security. Long Cycle Life: More than 500 repeated charge/discharge cycles. Fast Charge Capacity: Can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours with a rated voltage of 4.2 per cell Environmental-friendly: No Pb,...
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Product Details

36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike


Model NO


Battery chemicals

Lithium-ion 18650 10S4P

Battery cell brand

Samsung,LG, Panasonic,Chinese cells

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity

8AH,8.8AH, 10AH,10.4AH,11.6AH,12.8AH,14AH

Over discharge protection  


Over charge protection


Charging current

≤5 A

Continuous discharge current


Transient excess current


CycleLife(80%Prime Capacity) :






With protection board PCM for over charging, over discharging,short circut,over voltage.

*Using the charger designated by the manufacture

*Don't throw the battery in fire or heat it.

*Don't short-circuit.

*Don't unpack the battery or change its structure.



Pack design

* Battery pack should have sufficient strength and battery should be protected from mechanical shock

* No cell movement in the battery pack should be allowed.

* No Sharp edge components should be inside the pack containing the battery.





Charging current and charging voltage should be less than  specified in the Product Specification.

The charger shall be designed to comply with  Product Specification.

It is dangerous that charging with higher curren or voltage than Product Specification may cause damage to the cell electrical,mechanical safety performance.

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36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike

36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike

36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike

36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike


  • High Energy Density.

  • High Output Voltage.

  • Excellent Security.

  • Long Cycle Life: More than 500 repeated charge/discharge cycles.

  • Fast Charge Capacity: Can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours with a rated voltage of 4.2 per cell

  • Environmental-friendly: No Pb, Cd added

  • Dual IC chips, that can anti-shortcircuit, anti-overcharger, anti-overcurrent, anti-overload;

  • Injection Technology to make battery more stable;

  • With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable;

  • Factory mastered technology and competitive price;


1. Telecommunications: Cellular phone, interphone, blue tooth earphone.

 2. Video Devices: MP3/MP4/MP5, digital camera, portable DVD, portable television

 3. Portable Devices: GPS,PDA, E-book ,PMP, PSP, portable medical device etc.

 4. Illuminate Devices: Miner lamp, search light.

 5. Others: Electric Toys, RC models.


Q. Can you explain in detail how you match cells for a battery pack before you assembling the pack?

 A: We will do the following things before assembling the pack:

     a. Select capacity, same capacities cells for one pack

     b.  Measure the voltage, same voltage cells for one pack(difference is under 0.02v per cell)

     c.  Measure the inner resistance,same IR cells for one pack (difference is under 1m Ohm)

 All above steps are very strict to make sure the pack performance is perfect.

 Q. What is the lead time?

 A: It depends on the order quantity.

 For the inventory item, 3 to 5 days after received of payment;  

 For none-stocked item,15 – 25 days after received of payment.

 Q. What's you payment and delivery items?

 A: Payment items: By T/T, 30% for deposit, and balance all before shipment. For small amount, we also accept payment via PayPal.

 Q. What are the available shipping methods?

 A: We can ship to you by UPS/FEDEX/TNT/, via sea or Air. 

 Other shipping terms can also be arranged according to specific requirements.

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36v 10ah lithium battery for electric bike

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