Battery Charging

- Dec 04, 2018-

The battery pack is supplied partially charged. To ensure full battery pack capacity, completely charge the battery pack in the charger before using for the first time. The battery pack can be recharged at any time on its own or on the bike without shortening the lifespan. Interrupting the charging process does not damage the battery pack. The batteries should only be charged when battery temperature is between 0°C and 40°C. Do not connect the battery pack to the charger until it has reached the allowable charging temperature.

At lower temperatures the charging time becomes longer and battery capacity is used less efficiently thus reducing the range of the battery. When charging at low temperatures we advise you to charge the battery separately in a warmer room. Do this by removing the battery from the bike. Use only the charger provided with your electric bike or an identical original Dillenger charger. Only this charger is matched to the lithium-ion battery pack used in your ebike.

Remove the charger included with the bike from its packaging and connect the mains plug to a mains socket. Connect the charger to the battery. For safe charging the charger must be placed on a suitable surface; the substrate must be dry and non-flammable. When you plug the charger into the battery, the light will show red. This means that the battery is charging. Once the battery is charged this light will change to green. Once charged, pull the charger plug out of the mains socket to save power. You can recharge the battery after every trip. This means you will always be ready to use the electric system.