Battery Maintenance

- Nov 28, 2018-

Observe and note the run time that a new fully-charged battery provides for powering your product. Use this new battery run time as a basis to compare run times for older batteries. The run time of your battery will vary depending on the product’s configuration and the applications that you run. Routinely check the battery’s charge status. Carefully monitor batteries that are approaching the end of their estimated life. Consider replacing the battery with a new one if you note either of the following conditions: The battery run time drops below about 80% of the original run time. The battery charge time increases significantly. If a battery is stored or otherwise unused for an extended period, be sure to follow the storage instructions in this document. If you do not follow the instructions, and the battery has no charge remaining when you check it, consider it to be damaged. Do not attempt to recharge it or to use it. Replace it with a new battery