Classification Of Electric Vehicle Chargers

- Jan 17, 2018-

1. According to the output voltage classification, popular in the market has 24v,36v,48v,60v,72v five kinds of output voltage charger.
2. According to the output power classification, the charger has 12AH, 20ah,32ah these three kinds.
3. According to the composition of classification, can be divided into transformer-type, SCR-type, switching power supply type, is now popular SCR-type transformers, this transformer low-cost, large current, small size, light quality and so on.
4. According to functional classification, can be divided into ordinary chargers and pulse chargers, most of the electric vehicles used is a general charger, only a small number of electric vehicles used is a pulse charger, pulse charger can improve the charging capacity, reduce the charge when the battery charger temperature, prolong the battery life.
5. According to the charging mode classification, the electric vehicle charger generally divides into two stage charging mode, and three stages section mode, the first stage is called the constant current charging stage, the second stage is called the constant pressure charging stage, the third stage is called the trickle charging stage. Three-stage charger for battery life has been extended, but also to shorten the charging time.